The Shop

Members of the club and invited guests have access to our well outfitted rock shop.

Space is limited, but we offer a good variety of saws and grinding and polishing stations. A small ($5) usage fee is charged.

Our shop is at The Senior Center at 222 Market Street in Santa Cruz. Shop hours are Saturdays, 9 AM to 12 PM. We do ask that users, for your safety, review and abide by the 'General Lapidary Shop Rules'

Driving Directions Introduction to Lapidary Class

WHEN: TBD Late March to Early April During this time, the shop will be closed for general use. This class is required for anyone who uses the Club Lapidary Shop. WHERE: Basement of the Santa Cruz Senior Center at 222 Market Street in Santa Cruz COST: $10/person - which includes: 1) the 1.5 hr. class and an instructional outline & quiz, and 2) open shop use for the 1.5 hrs. after the class. INSTRUCTORS: Mike Humenik & Stuart Scally

DESCRIPTION: This class is REQUIRED for all persons who use the Shop. The class is offered every 2-3 months and was created to ensure that everyone uses the equipment properly and to increase the lifetime of our wheels (cutting costs). All attendees will receive an instructional outline and must complete a quiz. The instruction is from 9-10:30 and from 10:30-12 pm are open Shop hours. You only need to take the class once.?

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